Marina Walkers

Marina Walkers are a group of people who meet to walk on a weekly basis in the Costa Blanca area.

Walks are normally but not exclusively in the area from Finestrat in the north to La Azohia and Mazarron in the south, and from the coast in the east to Pinoso in the west.

We have a programme of 7 different walks each week:-


Wednesday 1 is a very easy flat walk normally less than 10km in length.

Wednesday 2 is a slightly more strenuous walk of about 10km.

Wednesday 3 is an even more strenuous walk of a similar standard of difficulty to that of the Sunday 2 walk.


Friday 1 is a walk slightly more strenuous than the Wednesday 2 walk.

Friday 2 is an even more strenuous walk, both Friday walks and the Wednesday 3 walk are normally between 10 and 14km.


Sunday 1 walks are on a par with Friday 1/2 level walks and are not as strenuous as the Sunday 2 walks.

Sunday 2 walks are on a par with Wednesday 3 walks in difficulty and are one of the two more strenuous walks offered on the programme.

Walks are planned from October to May inclusive with a programme being produced bi-monthly listing all the walks which are planned in that two monthly period.

We also organise social events as well as the walks.

Should anyone be interested in joining Marina Walkers please contact the e-mail address: [email protected].